Fu Meiwin


Fu Meiwin's favorite restaurants

The Coconut Club


4.2 (1788 reviews) on Google

Atas nasi lemak, expensive but nice 👍🏻 They recently moved to a new location in Beach rd.

28 HongKong Street

Singapore River

4.5 (848 reviews) on Google

Great cocktails and vibes, great place to hangout with friends/colleagues. Always made reservation before heading down.

Menega Cafe


4.1 (11020 reviews) on Google

Exceptional seafood with great value plus a sea 🌊 view!

Whole Earth


4.4 (974 reviews) on Google

Best tasting vegetarian food I’ve ever tried in Singapore.

Nasi Uduk Ayam Goreng Borobudur


4.4 (82 reviews) on Google

Favorite from my hometown

Nasi Kari Achai


4.6 (337 reviews) on Google

OMG 😳, I grew up eating this.



4.5 (925 reviews) on Google

Favorite mixed rice in my hometown ❤️

Ayam Penyet Ria


4 (679 reviews) on Google

The original, now there are many in Singapore. However, their chilli is the best! If you like spicy 🌶️ food, it’s a must try!

Sunset Cabana Bar


5 (2 reviews) on Google

Bar with the most stunning 🤩 view in Bali

Tsukimi Hamburg (Jurong Point)

Jurong West

4.4 (60 reviews) on Google

Found out about this place from Jing post. Went there with high expectation and it did not disappoint! One of the best Hamburg I’ve tried in Singapore. Tried the Tsukimi and spicy nanban miso hamburg don, both were great, the kids loved it too! Will be back again to try other things in the menu. Please be warned that your clothes will smell stinking smokes after eating there, so probably would go there as last stop before going home.

Fu Shun Shao La Mian Jia

Downtown Core

4.7 (96 reviews) on Google

Probably the best value for money char siew and roast pork rice in Singapore. And it tastes amazing!

Fiie's Cafe


3 (19 reviews) on Google

Long queue but definitely worth the wait! Don’t be fooled by low rating on Google Maps, the fried chicken rice here is very good! Will be back!

Paradise Biryani | Hitech City


3.8 (4662 reviews) on Google

Was here in a business trip and throughly enjoy the biryani here, great for people who likes hot/spicy food! It’s walking distance from Hotel Trident Hyderabad, recommend checking it out if staying here!

Bara Food @ Icon Village (Tanjong Pagar)

Tanjong Pagar

4.7 (338 reviews) on Google

Indonesia grilled rice! My favorite is the ayam bakar set!

Han Kee Fish Soup

Downtown Core

4.3 (385 reviews) on Google

Meat is thick and fresh, very consistent. No fishy smell at all. Soup is very light but great. The only grumble is the super duper long queue during lunch hour…

Kinber Kopi

Downtown Core

4.9 (15 reviews) on Google

New favorite lunch spot! Good food, good price and good location.

Bakmi GM


4.5 (25 reviews) on Google

Though the brand suggests their specialty is the noodle (bakmie), the must try here is the nasi Goreng (fried rice)

Oukie Noodle


4.4 (596 reviews) on Google

Legendary 😎 crab 🦀 meat noodle from my hometown! Order one with the crab claws!

Gyūkatsu Motomura


4.4 (1955 reviews) on Google

The best, I mean the BEST beef katsu I ever tried! The place may deter you, but don’t let it fool you. The queueing in the narrow steep staircase was well worth it!

Laifaba Wanton Noodles & Roasted Meats

Bukit Batok

4.6 (347 reviews) on Google

This place takes the crown for the best char siew in Singapore (for me)! If you like Char Siew, you must try this place at least once!

Minang House


4.4 (274 reviews) on Google

Probably one of the best and authentic tasting nasi Padang you could find in Singapore! Friendly owner! Must get is their cassava leaves vege, always sold out fast.


South Korea

4.3 (365 reviews) on Google

My favorite Korean pork bbq restaurant until I find a better one 😋 If you happen to visit Korea and stay around the Lotte world, give this place a try!

Wangbijip Myeongdong Main store

South Korea

4.5 (2137 reviews) on Google

The best Korean BBQ restaurant I’ve tried in South Korea! The queue can be pretty bad during dinner time, but I think it’s worth the wait! The alternative is to go earlier to avoid the queue. Everything we tried were great, but if you like sweet flavor to the meat, try the Pork Galbi!

Myeongdong Kyoja Main Store

South Korea

4.2 (10139 reviews) on Google

Tried the Kalguksu (chopped noodle soup) and mandu (dumplings). Both are great, the noodle is a must try. The queue can be very long during lunch time, arrive earlier to avoid it. Other dish I’m curious about is the cold soy noodle.

Elijah Pies - Tanjong Pagar


5 (1 reviews) on Google

Beautifully decorated and cozy cafe serving pies 🥧 and drinks 🍹 in Tanjong Pagar.


South Korea

4.8 (12 reviews) on Google

A little restaurant serving rice bowl dishes - you can choose your preferred meat toppings, either beef, pork or chicken - spicy and non-spicy option. It looks like it belongs to a chain, but I’m not sure. The food were great and affordable, highly recommended!

KYŌ Kohee Singapore

Downtown Core

4.6 (69 reviews) on Google

One of the best coffee in the CBD. Love the iced coffee and match drinks.


Downtown Core

4.7 (324 reviews) on Google

Limited to 100 bowls a day. If this is your first time here, try the Dan Dan noodles, it’s great. The medium spicy option is mild at best - curious about the super hot option, shall try that next time. Its pricey but I think it’s worth it!

One Fattened Calf Burgers


4.7 (457 reviews) on Google

One of the best cheeseburger I have tried, would be perfect if it’s a little less salty!

iO Italian Osteria

Bukit Batok

4.5 (2667 reviews) on Google

Love this place: great food, great vibe and great price! Though reservation is not needed, better to make one before going.

Foong Kee Traditional Charcoal Roaster


4.3 (425 reviews) on Google

Reopened after sudden closure in June 2021. https://www.8days.sg/eatanddrink/hawkerfood/foong-kee-reopens-commonwealth-crescent-752046 The hype is real: https://mothership.sg/2023/02/foong-kee-commonwealth-long-queue/

Mister Donut @ Novena Square


4.7 (3 reviews) on Google

Popular donut 🍩 chain from Japan. Each donut costs around $2.50. Depends on time of the day, queue can be pretty long, but it moves pretty fast. The menu is pretty simple, flavors to choose from are plain, sugar, chocolate, strawberry and cream. The donuts themselves come in a few options: pon de ring, French cruller, old fashion, chocolate and yeast. Tips: buy 6 or more so the donuts will be packed in the box, otherwise paper bag.

Dickson Nasi Lemak

Marine Parade

4.4 (156 reviews) on Google

The sambal is the best, it really packs a punch! 🥊

Myeongdong Kyoja Branch

South Korea

4.3 (3145 reviews) on Google

Love all the dishes they serve here, which are not many.

Maru Sankaku Shikaku


4.7 (55 reviews) on Google

A specialty shop selling coffee beans from around the world.

Gyukatsu Motomura


4.7 (3943 reviews) on Google

My favorite beef katsu!!! Gotta try this one in Fukuoka.



4.1 (202 reviews) on Google

Udon restaurant near Ohori Park

Ichiran Ramen


4 (1652 reviews) on Google

Touristy they said, but it’s so good 😀

濃厚豚骨 かどや


4 (467 reviews) on Google

Small ramen shop that serves champon and tonkatsu ramen. The first ramen shop tried in Nagasaki, it didn’t disappoint.

Steak & Hamburg MASA - Robertson Walk

Singapore River

4.6 (208 reviews) on Google

This place serves high quality A5 wagyu

Wangbijip Myeongdong 2nd store

South Korea

4.7 (820 reviews) on Google

Hammee's Burgers


4.2 (428 reviews) on Google

Yat Ka Yan Dessert 一家人


4.7 (589 reviews) on Google

Sate Babi Bawah Pohon


4.5 (7649 reviews) on Google

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle


3.9 (2607 reviews) on Google

Tenya Orchard Central


4.2 (372 reviews) on Google

NaNa Homemade Curry


4.4 (40 reviews) on Google

Sate Khas Senayan


4.5 (2121 reviews) on Google

Tiong Bahru Bakery


4.2 (57 reviews) on Google