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Chen Zihui's favorite restaurants

Han Kee Fish Soup

Downtown Core

4.3 (385 reviews) on Google

Ultra flavorful fish soup that comes with fresh, thick slices of fish. Queues are always long but they move pretty quickly.

Sushi Sato 鮨 佐とう


4.9 (22 reviews) on Google

One of the few Japanese omakase places that I feel is value for money in Singapore.

Yoroniku Ebisu


4.6 (485 reviews) on Google

Perhaps the best yakiniku place I’ve been to. Meats that truly melt in your mouth are perfectly complimented with super tasty condiments.

Gyūkatsu Motomura


4.4 (1955 reviews) on Google

Words cannot describe how good the beef here is. Crispy on the outside, perfectly cooked on the inside. Unbelievable.

The Great Burger


4.1 (1796 reviews) on Google

Great selection of burgers, with the right meat to bun ratio. Love how fluffy their brioche buns are!



4.6 (27 reviews) on Google

Tiny but amazing space that serves draft sake which I don’t think you can get anywhere else in Singapore. Good selection of bites to go along with the sakes.

RPM by Dbespoke


4.6 (132 reviews) on Google

Great shochu based cocktails, a nice change from the classics that we can find readily at other bars!

Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice


4.1 (3233 reviews) on Google

All time favorite. I wonder why Michelin doesn’t recognize them… yet.

Restaurant Ibid

Singapore River

4.9 (636 reviews) on Google

One of the more value for money tasting menus in town. Flavors are bold, dishes can be rather creative too!



4.8 (6 reviews) on Google

Amazing bar in Golden Gai that serves variations on a single drink, Lemon Sour. Very tasty and superb vibes! Space can probably just fit 6 people comfortably 😅



4.2 (330 reviews) on Google

Tiny space right under a HDB block that serves izakaya fare. Had a brief chat with the owner who is a sake enthusiast. Heard they will be bringing in more stuffs in April!


Central LA

4.7 (930 reviews) on Google

Beautiful space with fusion dishes heavily inspired by Asian cooking. Great for both special occasions and night out with friends. Top 3 places I’ve ever dined at.


Singapore River

4.5 (447 reviews) on Google


Downtown Core

4.7 (745 reviews) on Google



4.8 (147 reviews) on Google